Invest in the future of your business.

Adding commercial real estate to your portfolio is smart business. Three West’s group of experts will develop a strategic action plan that includes the most current information on market conditions, capital flows, local market intelligence and emerging trends to determine the exact metrics needed to successfully achieve your investment objectives.

Our services include:

  • Extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with on-the-ground professionals who understand every aspect of northern Michigan real estate investment.
  • Identification of most suitable opportunities for short-, medium-, or long-term gain.
  • Disposition of poor-performing investments or simply to divest from an asset or a market to seize gains.
  • Rate of return/risk analysis.

With Three West’s knowledge, skills, and professional acumen, we can handle investment/divestment strategies and options in northern Michigan and beyond.

Project Management

Three West knows that every ground-up development or build-to-suit assignment is unique in both setting and objectives. Our team will take your objectives and goals to create a successful built environment whether for a new location, for a renovation or to implement a brand redesign.

Our Project Management team will:

  • Assist with site selection to help qualify potential locations while troubleshooting potential issues before they cause expense or delay.
  • Define costs, schedules, and a transition strategy if required.
  • Oversee schedules, budgets, and contracting so that your space is built according to plan—on time and within budget.

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Property Management Services

Your property has a life cycle. Three West’s real estate management services are structured to help you maximize that value. Our Property Management team is empowered to minimize operating costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance customer service, protecting the value of your investment. Your goals for your property are unique; our management plans reflect that.

Here’s why our clients rely on Three West:

  • We learn your goals, then implement strategies to achieve them.
  • Comprehensive support for leasing, tenant retention and maintenance issues including accounting and financial reporting to help you analyze your options.
  • Automated tenant transactions let you and your tenants check/place maintenance requests, view/pay rent, and review ledger balances.

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Valuation Services

More than anything, you need the number. Three West will get you there. Our team knows that dynamic, well-researched real estate valuations help you manage your portfolio.

Our experts can assist with any of the following:

  • Determining the value of a property or portfolio for sellers who are entering a transaction and need to protect their investments.
  • Researching a property’s value (infrastructure, mineral and water rights, or energy components).
  • Accessing the most current and comprehensive market data.
  • Analyzing the value of a business that may be included in the sale, or treated as a seperate transaction.

Leveraging the collective experience of our staff and resources, Three West delivers real estate valuation, strategies and solutions to clients in industries and sectors with unique operational, technical and business requirements.

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