Not Everyone Becomes a Client

The Challenge

A small business came to Three West with an interest in purchasing property and building equity. Yet not every business at every point in its life cycle is ready for real estate ownership. After learning more about the company’s fundamentals, it was apparent that it would be extremely risky for this company to take that step.

Our Approach

Instead of plowing ahead as a buyer’s agent, Three West was able to switch gears and provide actionable, affordable, honest insights to help the small business owner, including streamlining the operation, looking at overall cost structures, and preparing for a possible property purchase later.

The Result

Three West’s actions allowed the company to avoid undue risk and have a better plan for the future. The project did not result in a property sale or commission for Three West, but it helped a small business owner make the right decision at the right time and improve their business. It solidified the relationship through trust for a possible future business transaction.