Business and Real Estate: A Perfect Marriage

The Challenge

Sales and traffic for a Physical Therapy Clinic were strong, but they continued to hear about a competitor across town that was also doing well. Might there be an opportunity for a partnership or an acquisition? The Clinic came to Three West with hopes and questions.

Our Approach

After some due diligence, it was determined that the competitor indeed represented a smart expansion opportunity for the Clinic, and Three West helped pave the way for a transaction. And, there was a key recommendation that also might have made the difference between long-term success and failure: because of their business AND real estate expertise, Three West professionals saw that the competitor’s business was worth buying – but not their old building in need of repairs.

The Result

The Clinic secured its new location across town, thus making news, adding a whole new customer base, and doing so at the right time and right price. And with Three West’s help, the Clinic also avoided engaging an army of attorneys, agents, accountants, and others – along with the corresponding costs.


"I want to thank Three West so much for all of their help with the acquisition of our second business. Three West saved us so much time and effort and gave us piece of mind knowing that they had done a thorough review of the business including assets, cash flow, real estate, potential hidden problems and assisting us with an attorney to complete the transaction. Knowing that Three West had so much experience with business acquisitions and turnarounds gave us complete confidence moving forward with the purchase of our second business. That purchase occurred almost 9 months ago and we couldn’t be more pleased with the success of this second business."

Rex Holden, PT, MS, CEO - FAST Physical Therapy, & FAST Fitness, LLC