When we think of great service, a few examples stand out.

Three West’s collaborative culture ensures a better outcome. We tap resources from within our experienced bank of trusted colleagues, working together to ensure your commercial property project is a success.


Case Study: A Need For A Custom Solution

A large school district needed information readily available and at the click of a button regarding their real estate assests.

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Case Study: A Cash Crisis Averted

A longtime manufacturing company had a superb reputation, but losses were beginning to mount.

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Case Study: Business & Real Estate: A Perfect Marriage

A Physical Therapy Clinic heard about a competitor across town that was also doing well. Might there be an opportunity for a partnership or an acquisition?

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Case Study: A Business's First Building Purchase

A move from a leasing situation to an owner occupied building.

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Case Study: Taking the Pulse of the Market

A local medical practice was growing and facing a familiar dilemma: lease or buy, and where?

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Case Study: Not Everyone Becomes A Client

Three West helped a small business owner make the right decision at the right time and improve their business.

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